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Automobile or, simply, car insurance, is the hub of the insurance industry. As society becomes more complex, so too will auto insurance. Soon, the gradual introduction of self–driven automobiles will dramatically alter the landscape of auto insurance. Already questions abound about the coverage for Uber cars and their passengers. Fortunately, at Kane Insurance Group, we are keeping up with the evolution of insurance.

Speaking of evolution, chances are you don’t drive a 1963 Plymouth (unless it is a mint-condition antique). You choose to drive a vehicle that has today’s safety standards, reliability ratings, and comfort features, as well as technology that was unimagined in 1963.

Likewise, you don’t want automobile insurance that is the insurance equivalent of a 1963 Plymouth. “Cheap” insurance may be enough to put you legally on the road, but it may also leave you financially devastated following a serious accident.

Our goal at Kane Insurance Group is to assist you in securing insurance that delivers peace of mind. That means knowing that you have adequate protection if the worst should happen, and knowing what will happen if a ding comes your way. The decision process will leave you engaged, empowered and educated. We plan to be at the center of that process for you.

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